ALBUM PREMIERE: Future Spa – Tape Smasher

It’s Thursday, which is arguably the best day of the week to feel like smashing things. Don’t destroy anything just yet, though; put on Future Spa’s latest album, “Tape Smasher” instead. The Boston garage-rock group make noisy, upbeat tunes that are perfect for making it through the end of the week frustrations. Every track on the album is a satisfying nugget of fuzz, and over the course of the six-song release, the group jumps, twirls, and groans through fields of distortion. 

The title track, “Tape Smasher” sets the fuzzy tone, with layers of guitar building until the song, and the filtered vocals, pile on until the track reaches its peak. The instrumental slow-build is a big part of the album and on “30 Weeks”, what starts as a simple drum beat builds intro an organized chaos, eventually giving away into one of the release’s guitar solos. The guitar work is also a constant tapestry, mixing grinding rhythm with odd details and tangled solos. It’s a fast album, too – once this record is on, there’s no slowing down. Every song is a jumpy sprint, and by the time the release reaches it’s noisy end with “The Creep”, it won’t feel odd at all to just hit repeat. Just don’t hit that button too hard; let the album be all the smashing you need. 

If you like what ya heard, get out to one of Future Spa’s shows. Rumor has it they might have the release on a sweet cassette for you to scoop.