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The events that unfolded on Monday left us at a loss for reaction. There was no way we could spin the situation to make sense of it, and we knew we weren’t alone. As we searched for ways to possibly help, turning to the Boston music scene was a no brainer.

We posted a call for song donations on our Facebook page, and within a matter of minutes, our inbox was flooded with messages from musicians looking to help in any way. It was at this point that things came to perspective. We weren’t surprised in the least, but were overwhelmed by how much people love the hell out of this city. As if we needed any reminder at all, this was yet another example of how lucky we are to live in the most supportive music community that we’ve ever known. So from Allston Pudding to everyone who is a part of this (and there are many)—Thank you for being terrific souls.

The following compilation features 130 tracks from 130 different bands and artists. Boston is represented heavily, but it doesn’t stop there. Support came from all over New England, as well as various States throughout the Nation, from North Carolina to Illinois, to California. Multiple genres appear throughout the playlist as well, making it a diverse and a curious mix for any kind of listener. To all who donated a track, but it did not make it on to the mix, our deepest apologies, but we wanted to release this in a timely fashion and had to cut off donations after a certain time!

For a donation of $1 or more, you will be able to download all 130 of these songs (or download any individual track you would like if you prefer). 100% of the donations collected from this compilation will go directly to The One Fund Boston, to benefit the victims of the Marathon tragedy. If you make a donation of $10 or more in the next week, you will be entered to win an Allston Pudding sweatshirt.



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