Allston Pudding’s 2014 Top Trackz Playlist

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2014 leaves us as another fantastic year of music. And how do we sum it up? Choosing one song to define Allston Pudding is certainly an undertaking. As a staff our tastes span greater eclecticism than a DJ Earworm mashup, a group of individuals whose love of Death Grips finds place with Taylor Swift, Sleater-Kinney, and the half-hour jams of a Phish show. 

How do we sum up a year in a song? We don’t. We can’t! Because 2014’s music was too good to only celebrate a single melody. Because we can’t outline up our collective experience in just four minutes. Because we want to share.

So here it is. Allston Pudding’s 2014 Top Trackz Playlist, a collection of bangers, ballads, and gems best saved for when you really want to feel. Here’s our best, and in our opinion, the best, of 2014. 

Marc Finn
“Going Gets Tuff” – The Growlers

This is every glittering, ethereal glass of water for every weary traveller. This is every childlike kiss, and every adultlike promotion. This is a song that defines that which is catchy, and demolishes that which is whatever you’re pissed about. This is crude perspective. This is the Growlers as their hardcore fans’ most dreaded — a pop group — but this is the Growlers making the most of it. This is musical smack bestowed upon musical junkies to musically shoot up their veins whenever, well, the going gets tuff.

Christine Varriale
“Special Snowflakes” – Pile

It seemed to me that nothing could top Pile’s 2012 masterpiece Dripping. For that brief moment I forgot one important fact: that Pile is the greatest band in the world. “Special Snowflakes” showcases all sides of the band: the slow intricate melodies, the thrashing guitars and drums, and the rough vocals provided by Rick Maguire. All of these add up to one thing: a seven minute epic tale.

Deanna Archetto
“Argentina” – Tokyo Police Club

So I was a huge TPC fan back on 2008. I still consider myself one, really. But their latest album, “Forcefield,” didn’t hit me the same way their earlier stuff did. However, the first track off of “Forcefield” is a showstopper. It’s nearly 9 minutes of a glowing fuzzy Canadian alt rock odyssey. Who does that in this genre? So even though you might have dropped Tokyo Police Club from your radar 4 years ago, I still think their latest release deserves more attention and appreciation than it got when it came out in March 2014. I’m gonna go give it a few more spins myself right now.

Reggie Woo
“Pop It” – Anamanaguchi
A lot of indie snobs and even Anamanaguchi/chiptune fans are going to question me on this. But this song is ridiculously catchy and fun, so I say put away the pretentiousness and enjoy it, people.

Jeremy Stanley
“Have You Seen My Son?” – Benjamin Booker

Blistering rock tune with questions of faith (“God must love everyone, even the ones the church loves the least”), with an outro that burns everything down rather than fade away.

Joe Sansone
“Sea Monkeys” – Palm Spring Life