Allston Pudding’s 30 Favorite EPs of 2016

Just because something is shorter doesn’t mean it’s not as fun – a thing people say about me but also about EPs. These small assortments of tunes often bring as much to the table as an LP, and we think they deserve recognition all on their own. We present to you our favorite EPs of 2016, and as always, we see local favorites (a posthumous Krill perhaps?) alongside your more mainstream (Vince) Staples. Check some of these out, especially the local selection, because this could indicate a future full-length from a band you ~discover here first~ on Allston Pudding.

-Christine Varriale, Editor-in-Chief



30. Oddisee, Alwasta


28. Barlow, Every Time I Saw Him

27. Pendejo, good citizen.*

26. Charli XCX, Vroom Vroom

25. serpentwithfeet, Blisters

24. Lina Tullgren, Wishlist*

23. Clipping, Wriggle

22.Tricot, Kabuku

21. Stove, Is the Meat That Fell Out

20. Dawn Richard, Infrared

19. Crumb, Crumb*

18. VARSITY, Eye to Eye/Kelly

17. Aphex Twin, Cheetah EP

16. Massive Attack, Ritual Spirit

15. Stove, Is a Toad in the Rain

14. Squirrel Flower, Contact Sports*

13. Long Gone, Six Songs*

12. Melody’s Echo Chamber, From Pink They Fell Into Blue

11. Gravel, I Never Asked*

10. Vince Staples, Prima Donna

9. Avalon Emerson, Whities 006/Narcissus in Retrograde

8. Claire Cottrill, P.H.F./clairo EP*

7. Brand New, 3 Demos, Reworked

6. Elephants, Endless Arcade*

5. Sheer Mag, iii

4. Krill, Krill*

3. Forth Wanderers, Slop

2. G.L.O.S.S., Trans Day of Revenge

1. Halfsour, Charm School*