Bedroom Eyes Premiere New Music Video

Bedroom Eyes

A little over a year ago, Bedroom Eyes, a local shoegaze act that splits time between Boston and Portsmouth, NH, released “Honeysuckle,” their sophomore album, through Midnight Werewolf Records. Now, the band is back to release a video for “Restless,” one of the key tracks from the album. 

The video perfectly fits the song, a dark, dreamy swirl. It depicts a lone figure walking through a sparse, urban environment, interspersed with slow-motion shots of sparklers being set off in a dazzling display of light. As the song builds to a more driving climax, we begin to see close-ups of the band playing their instruments, including shots of the guitarist utilizing his whammy bar, a classic characteristic of shoegaze tunes. This gives the song a vibe reminiscent of bands like Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine at their height. Soon, the images open up to brighter, natural scenes, including one of the person we’ve been following jumping off rocks into a creek. 

Check out the video below to see for yourself, and purchase “Honeysuckle” on Bandcamp

BEDROOM EYES // RESTLESS from ⓡⓙ Murphy on Vimeo.