Boston Hassle Begins All-Day Telethon Tomorrow

Our friends over at Boston Hassle are kicking off another 24-hour telethon tomorrow on SCATV! A highlight of local talent from a variety of different crafts, the broadcast will raise money for a prospective arts-geared all-ages community center and performance space.

After last year’s successful public access takeover, which saw the Hassle team raise $3500 towards this excellent cause, they’re coming back with a jam-packed lineup that runs the gamut of subjects. From noise, hip-hop and punk sets to art and fitness instructionals to micro-lectures on capitalism and heavy metal to comedy and to performance art, this is an amazing way to explore creativity in your local community. Heck, even the Weatherman from Weather is Happening will be there to help you lose your mind for a few minutes!

The telethon will kick off tomorrow, April 7, at 10 AM and run through 10 AM the next day. Those in the Somerville area can watch SCATV on channel 3 on their local dial while Boston Hassle will be streaming the whole affair here. Tune in and consider donating some money to a very worthy cause!