Box Of Birds release new single “It’s Fine, It’s Swell”



Everything’s fine and swell with Boston’s Box Of Birds. They have their first EP slated to come out in May, and started to build the hype with their first single, a melodic melancholy tune called “It’s Fine, It’s Swell.”

It tells the tales of being home and rediscovering what home really means, but does it with a fairly fitting country-western twang. The song builds to an Opry-esque climax, with a really classy taste of organ (care of Chris “Gooch” Bloniarz from local folk powerhouses Grey Season and Honeysuckle) and harmonies mixed into the swelling sounds. Singer Steph Durwin’s voice is honest and raw, making the tune an instant classic, something that fits in around a campfire and in a packed concert hall with the crowd singing along.

Be on the lookout for their EP, A Place On The Wall Where A Picture Used To Hang, next month, and catch them at one of their upcoming shows, like on April 22 at TT the Bear’s.