Courtney Swain Premieres New Music Video


You may have seen Courtney Swain grace the stage with one of our faves, Bent Knee. But as the band takes a break to recuperate for the winter, Courtney has taken the time to explore her solo career. Courtney gives us a hauntingly beautiful performance of her new song, “Moon Stalker” from a ‘Big Nice Studio’ broadcasting in Lincoln, Rhode Island. You can definitely expect her to return with Bent Knee, after their hibernation, but in the meantime, be stopped dead in your tracks and catch the feels from this brilliantly composed piece of music. 

What starts out as a light piano melody, accompanied by Courtney’s rich vocals guiding us through her story, grows into something magical. And just like anything else that’s magical, Courtney completes “Moon Stalker” sonically with some help from a string quartet. Swain then pulls the quartet back, closing out the song as she started. Check out the video for “Moon Stalker” below and hopefully you experience something close to what I did.