Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival: An Experience

As my roommate Becky and I approached the Motel 6 late Thursday night, we knew it would be the start of a pretty memorable weekend. Having booked very last minute accommodations, we knew not to expect the penthouse suite, but were also not expecting the small tarantula that would wind up coming (for free!) with our charming two star room.

Taking a quick look back at the week going into Eaux Claires Music & Art Festival, Becky and I were on the fence on whether or not we could make this Midwestern journey happen. We had been super stoked since getting tickets in the spring and had been talking about how it was going to be a great start to Summer 2017. All our excitement must have gotten the best of Becky, however, when she took a tumble riding her bike the weekend before the festival, walking away from the accident with a broken left wrist and right elbow. Cue a brace on one arm, sling on the other.

Thinking we’d have to cancel the trip altogether, the news that she at least wouldn’t need any casts made the Wisconsin trip seem more manageable. And with some pain meds on board, anything seemed possible! So I helped Becky pack her bag, and we were off to America’s Dairyland. Having grown up in nearby Chicago, Wisconsin was always a nice spot for my family to get away from the city and, more importantly, see some cows. So, I had some idea of what we were getting into, but let me tell you, we were definitely not in Allston anymore.