Fraternal Twin Basement Session

by Ethan Hoffman-Sadka


It was an absolute pleasure having Fraternal Twin in the basement, however, on our end, we completely fucked up. Thinking the session was initially scheduled for Friday, let’s just say we were pretty surprised to see Tom Christie and the rest of the band patiently waiting outside of the house at 4PM the day before. Nonetheless, Tom and the rest of the guys smiled through the pain (both emotionally and physically) as we scrambled to assemble camera equipment, non-grounded extension cords (that we later found out periodically shocked some of the bandmates throughout several takes) and bare, to no lighting whatsoever.

However, even with a shaky start and an amp nearly catching fire, once we pressed record, Tom’s charisma immediately lit up the dim, dusty, and most likely, asbestos-ridden basement. His patiently and delicately crafted songs are hauntingly pretty yet warm and welcoming, and on his latest album release, Homeworlding, via Ghost Ramp Records, Tom only finds more success in achieving this melancholy balance. Watch him play ,”Big Dipper”, below: