INTERVIEW/PREVIEW: Worriers on Their Way to Cambridge (11/5)

If you slept on the new Worriers album, Survival Pop, listen right here, right now (or like, open the link and save the tab for later so you can keep reading this whilst at work/in class).

This carefully-crafted, solid punk album features lyrics as in tune with the state of our country as the state of lead vocalist and songwriter Lauren Denitzio’s experiences. Out in September via SideOneDummy Records, the 12-song LP fiercely addresses themes like fading friends, phantom limbs, and being too hard on yourself. Songs like “Self Esteemed” evoke that feeling of hearing and resonating with punk music for the first time; Not surprising, since punk legend Laura Jane Grace produced their 2015 album. All written through a queer lyricist’s lens, Survival Pop is totally cathartic, almost like a rallying cry for anyone who’s had bad shit happen to them. 

But you know what’s even more cathartic? Seeing songs like these live— as in, at their all ages show this Sunday at Lesley University.
Until then, Denitzio took time out of their tour schedule to answer a couple questions ahead of their stop in Cambridge. Read our interview and more info about their upcoming show below!
Allston Pudding: Looks like y’all just finished up playing FEST in Gainesville, is that right? Do you have any highlights from the weekend? Or thoughts on FEST in general?

Lauren Denitzio: This was my 12th Fest and it was just nice to play such fun shows in Gainesville again. We played a Fleetwood Mac cover set and I was not at all expecting so many people to be SO into Fleetwood Mac but it turns out the punks love it! Finally getting to see toyGuitar was great and I was also really psyched to see Rainer Maria and Superchunk.

AP: How have fans been reacting to your new album, Survival Pop, so far?

LD: It has been really well received with folks who are familiar with us and I think people can see the progression and thematic significance of this one, which I really appreciate.

AP: How has playing the new album outside of the studio felt for you and the band?

LD: We love it! We haven’t wanted to play all the new songs until it was out so it’s just nice to be able to play them together again. It’s fun to find the way we’re supposed to play them live and play things at gig speed!

AP: A lot of artists are moving to both Brooklyn and Philly. As someone who’s lived in both cities, what do you think about the art scenes in those places? Do you have any feelings or thoughts on the ways that these cities are changing?

LD: Well both cities are being gentrified pretty rapidly (though Philadelphia less so) and I think that’s really sad. It’s what made us move to Philadelphia because there was absolutely no chance to have a financially healthy future in Brooklyn. I think you see creative communities really being watered down by different levels of housing crises and it’s pretty heartbreaking. And that’s not even considering the impact on longer term lower income communities in those cities. As much as I miss the “art scene” in New York, and the overwhelming amount of events and opportunities there, Philadelphia has let me be more intentional about my creative process and make connections with my peers that I never had time to do in New York. I think there’s so much going on on the East Coast in general that it all cross pollinates in a way. 

AP: You mentioned before that you have more time on your hands now that you’re in Philly, so I’m curious— are you working on any new musical or otherwise artistic projects? If so, how were you inspired to start these projects?

LD: I’ve just been doing more drawing and painting when we’re not on tour and this winter I really want to start doing more home recording and demo-ing things for fun. I had a small exhibition of my artwork this past summer that was mostly work based on female, Queer and gender non-conforming friends and I’m looking forward to doing more with that next year.

AP: Can you name some Boston and/or Philly bands you’re really excited about right now?

LD: Dump Him, Loone and Fucko are some of my Boston area favs. In Philly, I’m most excited about Big Nothing, Soul Glo, Thin Lips (who we’re on tour with!) and Swanning

Worriers, Thin Lips, Katie Ellen, Dump Him
Sunday, November 5

Lesley University Alumni Hall
FREE for Lesley Students | $8 for non-students
Doors 7:30pm  | All Ages | Facebook event