Interview: LFOD Radio Records 24 in 24

Have you been looking for some of the best hip-hop that Boston has to offer all in one place? Then you’ve gotta check out the LFOD Radio 24 in 24 project.

LFOD is a local show broadcasting on 91.5FM, focused on building community through collaboration and providing a new platform for New England independent voices. On March 27th, LFOD collaborated with 24 Local artists to record 24 new songs, in 24 hours of studio time [slating an hour per artist/song]. All of the songs were cut at of The Bridge Sound and Stage, located in Cambridge.

We had a chance to chat it up with the LFOD crew and got some words about the experience of recording some of the dopest sounds coming out of Boston right now, featuring artists like Noel Pancho, Darius Heywood, STL GLD and much more.

Allston Pudding: What was the most fulfilling part of this experience? 

Live Free or Die Radio: I was awake for about 30 hours straight from start to finish and there was maybe only one hour I really felt tired. The constant flow of energy with each new artist was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Seeing and hearing 24 straight performances of this caliber was incredible. No one took their job lightly and a few of them tore their hearts out in the booth. That energy hasn’t let up at all. It’s great to see artists excited about and sharing each other’s songs, which leads to new fans, renewed focus, etc. The buzz around the project has been crazy and the connections and conversations that have resulted are going to fuel a lot of souls this year. There’s at least five artists shooting videos for their records; Mike Wing already dropped his. That’s the most fulfilling thing to me. This energy we’ve created. The momentum is real and the future is bright.

AP: I’m sure the day of recording these projects was pretty hectic. You fit a lot in 24 Hours. But at the same time, we both know that Boston has a lot to offer musically. What was the curation process like, deciding which artists you wanted to fit in this project? Do you plan on trying to pull this off with 24 more artists? 

LFOD: I started LFOD with the goal of not only building a platform for independent voices in New England, but of creating a community and pushing one another to be better. As we grow, we want the artists we rock with to grow with us & vice-versa. Everyone involved with 24 in 24 has history with LFOD in some way. They have podcasts with us, have taken part in the Alumni Cypher, etc. Once you’ve been on the show we keep inviting you back for more. I’m sure we’ll do it again when the time is right. Right now I’m focusing on riding this wave though. We need to let this moment breathe.

AP: What initially inspired the idea for this project and what was the main goal you were trying to achieve? 

LFOD: My friend Jim Tierney did this a few times with punk bands in the 90s, so it’s always been in the back of my head. I realized a few years ago that we could probably do it with hip-hop too. After that, patience was key. If I had tried this even a year ago, it would’ve been too soon. The timing had to be right. My goal with the project is to create a piece of work that demonstrates the incredible talent we have up here and acts as a vehicle to take their music to new ears. The idea sounds unbelievable, so you’re going to click play just out of curiosity. And then when you hear what we were able to pull off? Now you’ve gotta tune in to these guys. 

AP: There’s A LOT of Hip Hop on this project. Was this intentional? If so, for what reason?

LFOD: Yes- There’s an insane amount of talent in New England right now which our friends at The Record Co., Boston Hassle, and elsewhere do a good job of highlighting (you guys do too!), but we’re focused on the hip-hop side of things. The music is there – all that’s missing is the infrastructure. I believe we can provide that and I’m committed to doing so.

AP: What sort of statement, if any, do you think this project makes for the upcoming Boston Music Scene?

LFOD: This album says that we’re serious. We’re professional. And we’re about to make a lot of noise.

Check out the 24 in 24 projects for new music from some of your favorite artists. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the show tonight, and every Tuesday night, from 7-8pm. If you ever miss an episode, you can always play catch-up on their Mixcloud


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