Localz Only Fall Mixtape MMXIII


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Track Listing:

Lady Bones – “Courtesy Moans”

Warm Thrills – “Satan’s Calling”

Wet Dress – “(I’m Not Your) Manic Pixie Dream Girl”

Funeral Advantage – “A Large Place”

Young Tricksters – “Boy Who Cried Wolf”

Piles and Piles – “Deam”

The Backwards Zero – “Frozen Moat”

White Pages – “Forever Unclean”

Shambles – “Forty Second Love Story”

Parasol – “Laughing Yet”

Houseguests – “Michigan”

New Dog – “Smoking in the Living Room”

JPRiZM – “Writer’s Block”

Designer – “Magic C”

Caténine – “You Never Remember”

King Cop – “Junk Cruzn”