Localz Only Early Winter Mixtape 2015

AP Early Winter MMXV Cover

Yeezy and holiday season approaching so cuddle up with your bae (i.e. your cat) and listen to some sweet new local tunes curated by your best pals here at Allston Pudding. It’s just as comforting as hot cocoa with marshmallows, you just can’t eat or drink it. Sorry.

Feral Jenny – Morals
Du Vide – The Hell It Is
Kitner – Your Memory
Animal Flag – Wayside
Big Nice – Moss
Little Musket – Someone (Without You)
Jack O’Brien and the Ferns – Young Love
Steep Leans – Navigator in the Night
Sweat Enzo – Shut the Shades
DUMP HIM – Winter
Great Smokey – Polyamorous
Max DiRado – Meryl Streep
Kevin O’Brien – Knotted
Tuxis Giant – Rat Raft
Sports Coach – Lesson One is Breathing
Stumpf – No Moon
Dæphne – Sharpness is the Game I Play
Bedroom Eyes – Lorraine
Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion! – Terrifying Master
Gravel – Ticky Tacky
Halfsour – Porch Sittin
Future Spa – Next to You