Localz Only Late Winter Mixtape 2016

AP Localz

Winter is almost over, but February is that last tough stretch to make it out alive. We’ve got the perfect mix to keep you going through the rest of the season with new tracks from some of your favorite local musicians (or soon to be favorites!) Stream and download the mixtape below and learn more from each of the featured artists.

Bent Shapes – New Starts in Old Dominion
Lady Pills – Make Out
Fucko – Wishful Thinking
Drug Dogs – Dog
Dyr Faser – Kōsō Biru (feat. Thalia Zedek)
Strange Mangers – Old Dusty
Dark Tones – Effortlessness
Kármán Voh – If Only Apart
Gauntly – Acid
Moonish Brute – June 4, 2015
Looks Like Mountains – Wanderer
Burglary Years – “Hey, do you wanna come over,” (demo)
GGGGhosts – Shirt Jacket
Candy Miami – Andy Dick’s Picks 1: I Saw Your Sister
Bat House – Twist
Quarrels – Window Neighbor
Nick Shea – Hip Hop Funk
Magic Shoppe – City Alight (Yeah)
Jargon Party – Alright
Spook the Herd – Photosynthetic Sneeze Reflex
Mail Thief – The Pace
Crispy Lips – Watered
Hit Home – Picturesque
Ozlo – Molasses
Bunny Boy – Your Blue Sky
Kristina Stapelfeld – Taking Chances
Lee Preston & the Ghetto Buddhas – I Live on a Dragonfly
Long Gone – I Used to See You
Blood Club – Heat Index
Charles – Hot Wax
Blessed State – Borrowed Tune
Kal Marks – Coffee