We are super proud to announce the release of our September 2014 Localz Only Mixtape. We’ve been putting out these mixes for years (you can still access most of them here) but this one is extra special because we actually put it out on tape! We partnered with Teenareena Records (AKA our new best friends), to produce a very limited amount of cassettes which you can pick up for FREE at two excellent locations, Vivant Vintage in Allston and Deep Thoughts in Jamaica Plain (they’ll be in there in the afternoon on 9/5). With this partnership, we’re hoping to can spread the glory of Boston music to new ears.

This is the first of many tapes coming at you, and if you can’t tell, we’re really excited about it. A special thanks to all the bands, Teenareena Records, Vivant Vintage, Deep Thoughts, Sharon, Nicole, the AP staff, and of course, all you readers out there. We couldn’t be doing this without you.

You can stream or download the mix below and you can snag a physical copy in Allston and JP.

To learn more about Teenareena Records, check out their about page.

Blue Plutos – Want to Want
Wakes – Gonzo
Anjimile – Intertwine
Marion Program – Hey
White Veins – Statues in Gardens
Bummed – Slow See
Yale, MA – (Anything But) Ratty Allen
Supervolcano – Atomsphere
Clementines – Afloat
Yes Yasmine – Saint Boon
Cough Cough – Saddles
Nolan Driscoll – In The Jungle