Happy New Year! 2015 is going to be great for local and national music (check our most anticipated 50 albums of 2015 if you need help getting amped). We figured we’d get you started on the local front with another rad mixtape (if we do say so ourselves).

Our mixtape release show for this here tape is this Sunday, January 11th at O’Brien’s with Streight Angular + Bent Knee + Soft Fangs. Details on the FB event here.

Stay tuned for details on physical tapes, we’re facing some technical difficulties.

Stream and download the mix below, and please share with yr friends. The more people hearing these local bands the better! Enjoy!

Luke Reed (Ft. Feral Jenny) – Gentle Benn
Foam Castles – Sycamore
St. Nothing – Echoes
Dead Cats Dead Rats – Cut My Teeth
Space Mountain – California Blue
Streight Angular – Will Smith
Curse Purse – Crepe Paper
Soft Fangs – Dog Park
Bent Knee – Being Human
Undersea – Designing An Airplane
Dream Generation – The Spirit of America
Littlefoot – Black Hole
Bat House – Woods
Raw Blow – Slow Choke
Vesper Chimes – Oxcart Slows Its Pace
Underground Wildfires – Fallen Angels