Mobile Incubator Parks in Lower Allston

Talking business isn’t always fun, but shove those conversations into a 1957 Shasta camper adorned with an artistically sourced interior and podcasting equipment. Now, you’ve got a vibe.

To Lucas Spivey, this is key. “Style points are real. You can’t teach business–or much of anything–if the person you’re talking to isn’t engaged,” he told us. Spivey is the brains and legwork behind the Mobile Incubator, a traveling office space for artists to seek out marketing advice, record podcasts and generally hang & create. It’s currently on a 15,000-mile voyage around the country and will park in The Grove on Western Ave. from October 24th to November 2nd (in partnership with Zone 3). If you recognize the look, that’s because it’s last location was at the Boston Center for the Arts.

Spivey bought the camper in Oregon, where it had eight bullet holes, three broken windows, 12 bee hives and a missing wheel. “It was junk,” he told us, but after tearing apart the frame and equipping the space with contemporary design elements–such as a mosaic table, laser-cut signage and artist-acquired upholstery–the incubator was ready to…incubate. “The reason a 1957 bright orange camper works is because artists need an inspiring setting in order to stomach business education,” said Spivey. “I wanted to build a place where artists not only felt welcome but desired to come and talk about business.”

Aside from artists, the incubator equally welcomes entrepreneurs and podcasters with it’s full microphone setup. Spivey produces a podcast of his own from the camper called Culture Hustlers where he interviews the artists and makers behind the things we love. 

Check out more details about the Mobile Incubator’s stay on Zone 3’s website. Maybe we’ll see you there since we might just be doing some recording of our own…