New Music from Rah Zen and Show at East Meets Beats

By Cliff Notez

Local Producer/Dj, Rah Zen, shares his new song with us, “Changes.” Rah Zen is a 25 yr-old Boston-based beatmaker and producer. Over the past two years, he has produced tracks for a variety of local artists like cWaves$, Stripes III & Nique Rose. The Song, as Rah states, is his response to horrible incidents of police brutality and the murder of unarmed black men and women in our Country. Rah does so by merging the cries of a homeless man, begging for change and  powerful words of Gil Scot Heron nested on top of a slightly off-beat, but consistently rhythmic, drums produced by Rah. The track is made complete by the chopped vocals of a woman, guiding us through the tracks melodic story that grows continuously.The knock and slap of Rah Zen’s drums paired with the soulful, emotion-filled sample are sure to remind you of this world’s unfortunate truths, but at the same time, uplift you to fight for change.

Check out Rah Zen’s subtle way of asking for change Rah Zen’s upcoming album, Midnight Satori, to be released this Spring. Also, go see Rah out today at The Smokers Section 2 and tomorrow at East Meets Beats, at the Democracy Center in Cambridge tomorrow, February 25th.