WATCH: The Owens Basement Session

by Ethan Hoffman-Sadka

When I first stumbled upon The Owens at a basement show I didn’t know what to expect. They wore all black and I couldn’t even see into the lead singer’s hoodie. I  assumed they were brothers but the only vibe I got was from that documentary, ‘The Wolfpack’. However, once the band started to play,  all my middle school judgements dissipated immediately. Their songs felt gentle yet powerful and intensely profound. They played tightly and didn’t miss a single beat. Filming the session with them was no different. The two brothers, Larry and Randy, have a chemistry you can’t look away from. At times I couldn’t stop myself from panning between the two back and forth as the song broke down. Even one of our light fixtures going down (seen at around 3 minutes and 8 seconds) couldn’t stop them. Bottom line, The Owens are just nice dudes who make great music.

Watch our session with them below: