TONIGHT: Palehound Tour Kickoff with Puppy Problems, Plums, & Stumpf

Missed Palehound ’cause they had to cancel Middle East earlier this week?  Bad news for us and good news for the rest of this great nation of ours is they’re heading out on tour before they hit up SXSW and crush it.
But you can catch them at their tour kickoff in JP TONIGHT with a great lineup

Puppy Problems – AP’s own Sami Martasian making you feel things with lo-fi.  She is great and despite the fact that she’s AP’s own, I have no obligation to say that.
Stumpf has zero internet presence but doesn’t that sort of intrigue you??  It intrigues me.
Plums – smooth Cure-like guitar and shiny synths that all come together to be something a little like Deerhunter.

Palehound Tour:
3/5 – Jamaica Plain!
3/6 – Long Island, NY
3/7 – Philadelphia, PA
3/8 – Washington DC
3/9 – Harrisonburg, VA
3/10 – Raleigh, NC
3/11 – Charleston, SC
3/12 – Atlanta, GA
3/13 – Birmingham, AL
3/14 – Tallahassee, FL
3/15 – New Orleans, LA
3/17 – Houston, TX
3/20 – SXSW
3/21 – SXSW also!
3/23 – Denton, TX
3/24 – Little Rock, AR
3/25 – Nashville, TN
3/26 – Asheville, NC
3/27 – Baltimore, MD
3/28 – New Brunswick, NJ