PHOTO REVIEW: Pinegrove, Mothers, and Maggie Whitlock at NU (11/29)


There’s something slightly off about having three artists that make music for long summer drives play with a frigid downpour happening outside, but Maggie Whitlock, Mothers, and Pinegrove managed to make a home for their clear skied escapism music at Northeastern on Tuesday.

Opening the show, singer/songwriter Maggie Whitlock represented Green Line Records and Northeastern as a whole proudly with haunting folk rock and her absolutely transfixing voice. Athens, GA’s Mothers last visited Boston earlier this year with the release of When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired, but a year of tour has subtly morphed Tired‘s songs into a more elastic, experimental live show heavy with ambience. Jokingly citing Mothers’ “tangly guitars” as “their thing”, singer Evan Stephens Hall and his ever-expanding Pinegrove crew followed with a more straightforward, but no less passionate set complete with crowds singalongs through each song. With a live album on the horizon, the New Jersey six piece light-heartedly deliberated which renditions might be keepers on stage, but the hope is that the inescapable joy of a Pinegrove show can be fully represented on record. Considering they made us forget about the rain until we wrote this, our bets are in their favor.

For our photo review from the show, check out our gallery below.

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