PHOTOS: Dowsing w/ The Exquisites, Save Ends, and Fightsong at Middle East Upstairs (4/27)

Nothing warms my heart more than knowing that Mike Park and Asian Man Records are still supporting fresh, quality bands such as Dowsing. It makes me want to dig into their current catalog more to discover just what I may be missing out on. On Thursday April 27th Dowsing, on tour with The Exquisites played The Middle East Upstairs with support from Boston area bands, Save Ends and Fightsong.

Dowsing’s set was powerful and contained all the feelings that bear the mark of the emo/pop punk genre. The best way that I can describe their music is that you shouldn’t play Dowsing at home on Friday evening while pumped up getting ready to go out with your friends for the night. Instead, the Chicago quartet is the band you put on after you leave your friends behind at the end of a crummy night. Perhaps, you put on their full length “Okay” while hurrying during your commute because you’re late…and also, it’s raining outside. The Exquisites played LOUD mid tempo fuzzy pop-punk music that had elements reminiscent of Sebadoh, Pavement and Dinosaur Jr.

Dowsing Set List:

Wasted on Hate
Get Weird
True Form
Feeling Better
I’m Sorry You’re Great
Red Legs Kicking

Dowsing (Slideshow)

Fight Song, Save Ends, Exquisites (Slideshow)

Dowsing – “Red Legs Kicking”