PHOTOS: Mini Dresses (Great Scott, 10/22)

Mini Dresses came out to the Great Scott last Sunday, 10/22/17, alongside Bong Wish and Lina Tullgren to celebrate the release of their self-titled album, out now on Joy Void. The show was a night of dreamy escape – Bong Wish’s set was the most psychedelic of the night, with the lighting to match. Mariam Saleh performed solo and was able to pull off a shocking amount of complexity in her execution of material. She ended her set in a manner that amused and bemused, laying face-down in the middle of the crowd. Lina Tullgren introduced a rawer element into the night; despite her full backing band, the artist was able to bring a shocking amount of tenderness. There is a built in distance to Tullgren’s writing, it draws you in but puts up barriers as you are left hoping to glimpse its full depths. The two openers set the crowd up for a night of blissful dwelling in the moment and Mini Dresses delivered just that. Their songs are a bit more immediate than their openers, telling raw and personal narratives that are somehow universal experiences. In both recordings and on-stage, Lira and Caufield manage to balance out each other’s energy in the mix and arrangements.

We premiered the video for the song “Hands Down,” a lo-fi home video that will inspire outfit envy, and interviewed the band before the show – check that out here as well as our photos from that night.