PHOTOS: Real Estate w/ Frankie Cosmos at Royale (5/5)

Nothing is better than the combination of knowing summer is around the corner and listening to some live Real Estate with the band front and center. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t match the vibe as it decided to rain in Massachusetts, but Frankie Cosmos warmed up the crowd as the only opener for the night. They had the perfect mix of summer jams and slow mixes to make you forget that you just came in from a downpour. Frankie Cosmos, also known as Greta Kline, played a mixture of new and old songs, mostly from her most recent album, Next Thing. Her charm radiated through the room, especially when she stopped the show to check a text from her landlord and celebrated when it was good news.

The New Jersey natives, Real Estate, took to the stage with Coronas in hand and opened with “Darling” from their newest album, In Mind. From there, the band rocked the stage and got the crowd going. The crowd, by the way, was huge and the show was sold out for the night, which left people spilling into the lounge. Personally, my favorite point of the night was when they played some songs from Atlas, which is my favorite record from their discography. The set was short but definitely sweet and made me yearn further for some of that summer weather.