WATCH: Polaris Visits the Set of Pete & Pete in a Cartoon We Made

Mark Mulcahy and his Pete-&-Pete-House-Band Polaris are coming to Brighton Music Hall in two damn days, with local faves Hallelujah The Hills opening!  This is their first time through, and at this rate it will be another 20 years before we get another so





Below, watch an animated retelling of Mark’s one-and-only trip to the set of the Pete & Pete that we made just for you, the reader!

The great thing about a band like this is that there isn’t much homework to have as good a time as anybody else.  While you should check out the whole album on Spotify, or pick up a brand new vinyl on Record Store Day, here are some essentials:

“Hey Sandy”

I guess I don’t really know how to embed a video that starts at a specific point but in this clip at 2:55, you’ll hear “She Is Staggering” and at 4:47, “Summerbaby.”

Look how much work I just did for you!