TRACK PREMIERE: Crag Mask – “Blue Snoot”

Question: What is better than sweet new songs from Gawk Records or local label love from Super Wimpy Punch?

Answer: These Boston based labels joining musical forces to put out new tunes together. 

On May 25th, Connecticut based Crag Mask will release their first album Loom. The band was formed by Zackery Abramo (formerly of Vundabar), who brought on Gabriel Sciarra, Jason Rule, and Phil Lord to take his original songs onstage. The EP evolved into a grungy, sludge filled full-length that is laden with heavy bass and foggy vocals. The asymmetrical instrumental approach and mysterious lyrics give the band’s music a devious feel, and it’s a debut so unique that local labels decided to go splitsies on the release. Gawk, the label child of Vundabar’s Brandon Hagen, and esteemed and inclusive Super Wimpy Punch, will co-release the album.

This single, “Blue Snoot”, owns up to its odd title, though the creeping vocals and indiosyncratic bassline and drums make it more haunting than whimsy. For fans of Boston’s basement-dwelling grunge, this song will be a pearl. The grinding guitar gives away to choppy bridges, and every time the instruments pause or Abramo takes a breathe it’s only a brief, anxious moment of relief. The song’s fuzz is unrelenting, but as the guitar and bass swirling around each other as if down an inevitable drain, the discord is super satisfying. Check out the single below: 


Loom is out on May 25th from Gawk and Super Wimpy Punch.