TRACK PREMIERE: Doctors and Lawyers – “Extratist”

Take a deep breath – the week is almost done. If you need some escape to get you through the last leg of this one, put on your biggest headphones and disappear into Doctors and Lawyers’ single, “Extratist”.  If nothing else, the hypnotic refrain of “simple days” should be soothing. The band has a deep and introspective sound that allows you to become entirely submerged in their sound. By mixing Arcade Fire-esque vocals with jangling guitars, and by setting the whole ordeal to a slower tempo. the band has created the a unique flowing world that will carry you into the weekend. 

This song is the band’s first time releasing music since putting out their full-length album, “Rocky Neck” in 2013. “Extralist” is taken off their forthcoming release “Impossible Problem”. The album was recorded in Georgia and it was mixed by David Barbe, who has also worked with Deerhunter and R.E.M, and mastered by Harris Newman, notable for his work with Wolf Parade and Ought. The band considers the Boston scene their home base, so be sure to keep an eye out for them around town. If you were a fan of the retro sounding tracks from the groups last release, dabble in this new song. It’s perhaps more serene, but definitely as captivating. 

Check out the song below, and stop back in again next week for another track from the band’s upcoming album, Impossible Problem to be released on February 16th.