VIDEO PREMIERE: Side Saddle – “Dog in The Night”

Anglerfish make everything better, but especially a love story. Side Saddle’s Ian McGuinness dons a helmet-like anglerfish covering on his head in the band’s new video for “Dog in The Night.” The band created the video after winning the Silver Sound Showdown 7, working with director Fletcher Wolfe.

The video is whimsical, showing McGuinness wandering around in his anglerfish hat. But the song is actually quite heartbreaking — it’s about the loss of a love, how she has “another man by [her] side” and now he’s “howling like a dog in the night” for her. The music is warm and breakneck fast, and when paired with the anguished lyrics creates a compelling dynamic that carries through the entire video.

The song comes after the release of Side Saddle’s most recent album, 2016’s Stunner. You can watch the video below.