PREMIERE: Fightsong’s “What If God Was One of Them?” Video

Disclaimer: if I hear one more person optimistically suggest that the sentient dumpster of diapers America just elected president might be “a good catalyst for the return of great punk music,” I’m going to advise they take a timeout in said dumpster behind the local Babies “R” Us until they stop normalizing our current state of affairs. Punk has been pretty damn vital despite what common “middle school boy that owns a Nirvana shirt” beliefs suggest… the world didn’t need a con man with a spray tan to “revive it.”

That being said, local outfit Fightsong seem like an act that both punk hopefuls and slightly more panicked realists could find some solace in. Clocking in at a tight 59 seconds, “What If God Was One of Them?” manages to pack in the widescreen, anthemic punk that poured out of singer Chris “Cmar” Martin’s former band Hostage Calm with a sharper sting of political hopelessness in the mix. With members of Burglary Years and Animal Flag also involved, “What If” feels like both a natural progression from Hostage Calm and a fresh start after the band’s abrupt end back in 2015.

Check out our premiere of the video by Dani David-Spickerman below and give the band’s demo a listen over at its Bandcamp.