PREMIERE: Haasan Barclay’s Album Heaven is Your Last Dream

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Haasan Barclay is one of those local artists who does it all–plays his instruments, produces his stuff, knows his way around synth–and up to this point has yet to release anything big for himself. He’s produced and collaborated with favorites such as OG Swaggerdick and Michael Christmas, like some sort of unsung friend of Boston hip-hop. That said, we here at the Pudding are extremely excited to present Barclay’s debut album Heaven is Your Last Dream. Not only is it about him, it’s about every genre and every listener’s observation.

“Honestly, I write for anyone who’s listening,” says Barclay, real-life known as Chris Haasan Barclay Rogers. He wrote and self-produced most of the album’s tracks over a two year period, with the exception of “Exorcist” which was written back in 2010. Given the frame, Heaven is Your Last Dream casts a wide net from rock to rap to indie electronic. Barclay says the album’s original concept was to cover the range from heaven to hell, but that idea fell to impressionism. He wants listeners to go their own way with meaning, much like how the songs do the same with sound.“I’ve always been into bending genres,” Barclay says. “The beginning of the album is pretty much dream pop so once you pass through each song you really get into something else.”

And this variety provides a pretty good snapshot of Barclay as an artist. He’s unclassified. With influences from Stevie Wonder to Nine Inch Nails, how could a label even stick? Besides, as he put it “I wouldn’t really consider myself Boston rap. It just doesn’t feel like a rap album to me.”

Stream Heaven is Your Last Dream below.