PREMIERE: Laundry League Debuts New Album

Photo by Dan Terlep

Based in Brooklyn and Purchase, NY, Laundry League has been releasing music since the 2013 EP Haunts. Now, Dani Llamas is back with a beautiful new album titled  All You.

On “Sweetness,” the album’s opening track, Dani sings, “I feel so disgusting.” However, this is hard to relate to as you listen to more of this beautiful body of work. Between the swelling synths and dreamy vocals, the album evokes wide, icy landscapes or, perhaps, floating through air. But this juxtaposition of feelings may be the point. Across the album’s eight tracks, Laundry League pits inward self-questioning and existential worry (also from the opener: “I’m just a tiny being off the coast of me / Will I ever be happy? Will I ever be free?”) against desire for interpersonal connection, all framed within a wintertime dream. This might be the perfect soundtrack for drinking a hot beverage while staring out the window during a snowstorm. 

As a bonus, Laundry League is also releasing a video for “Dolphin,” another of the album’s highlights. The footage is all shown with negative images, accenting the cold characteristics of the music. 

Be sure to listen to All You via Soundcloud, and check out the rest of Laundry League’s catalog on Bandcamp.