PREMIERE: “Mary Ann” – The Promise is Hope

Loss is a deeply emotional experience that has inspired some of the best, most heart-wrenching songs in music’s history. “Mary Ann,” the newest single from husband and wife duo The Promise is Hope is informed by the loss of Eric L’Esperance’s grandmother. The song is delicate and tense, a heartfelt eulogy for the eponymous Mary Ann. This comes as the first single the pair has released since 2015’s Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going

The band describes “Mary Ann” as a “time capsule” of all of the emotions felt and events following L’Esperance’s grandmother’s death, and seeks to avoid cliched themes in a song about loss. Eric and his wife, Ashely L’Esperance discuss this and more of the production work that went into the song in the min-documentary that accompanies the single. The video was produced by Harmonized Sounds, who have been releasing a series of videos profiling the releases recorded at Old Bear Studios in New York.

Dulcet and spare, “Mary Ann” is a beautiful testament to a loved one. The couple’s vocals dance above the sweetly plucked acoustic guitar and piano — there’s an intimacy and chemistry that’s evident between them. The Promis is Hope have bared their souls on “Mary Ann,” and all they ask of us is to listen. Hear the song and watch the mini-documentary below.