PREMIERE: Modern Painters’ Self-Titled Debut

Jamaica Plain based band, Modern Painters, is bringing the beat movement to a cultural context that can be generously described as egotism at its most chaotic battling societal expectation. Gabe Goodman, the band’s frontman, refers to it as the “Sartrean situation of a present-day American youth.” For those of you less familiar with phenomenology, Sartre’s the one who said, “Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you,” and that’s the inescapable heart at the centre of this coming of age tale. The narrative is one often explored with clear resolution, but with a closing track entitled “Reeling” it is clear that Modern Painters hasn’t quite conquered the trappings of the “individual volition” and “a [shifting] society once steadfast in its ways.” That doesn’t make journeying with them any less exciting.

Visual artwork is the primary vessel through which Goodman began to engage with conscious and deliberate existence. Citing Modernists such as O’Keefe, Harris, and Gauguin, his fascination began with “these mystic souls making public (and collective) their internal psychological world” while exploring “the depth of [one’s] own consciousness—the mysterious, spiritual quality of experience.” Through exploration of Jung’s work with dreams, particularly “categorizing an individual’s psychological state as one’s personal experience being subjected to an evolutionary, collective process of meaning-formation,” Goodman’s fascination became one merging the biological and psychological as much as the personal and societal. The manifestation of this as music, an ephemeral experience available at all levels of cognition, makes perfect sense. There are all levels of meaning available in Modern Painter’s work, whether you prefer to view it as 3.8 billion years collapsed into the length of an album or not.

Their self-titled debut was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bradford Kreiger & Chaimes Parker at Big Nice Studio, the same team behind Horse Jumper of Love’s recent self-titled, while Benjamin Styer did the artwork for the album. The local blood courses through this release, so don’t miss it.

You can watch a track from our forthcoming session with the band below and come see them at their release show TONIGHT with Spider Rock and Fish House at Great Scott. The show will be 21+ and tickets are $10, doors at 10PM.

Watch our session with Modern Painters below: