PREMIERE: Prefab Messiahs Unveil New Animated Anti-Trump Music Video

If there’s been one silver lining to this reality in which Donald Trump is president, it’s been the quality of the artistic output so far. The Prefab Messiahs, local garage punk micro-legends, are adding to that stream with a new song and animated video called, “The Man Who Killed Reality.” The track is a criticism of Trump’s knack for twisting facts to his own devices, laced over a catchy 60s rock-inspired jam.

Set to a brightly colored video, featuring art that looks like it’s out of something that you’d watch on Adult Swim post-midnight, the track mentions some of the most humorous – though hardly the best – moments from Trump’s time as head of state: Twitter rants, his “sheeple” following and, of course, golden showers (and, yes, this is depicted in the video). We also see apt shots of Trump standing in pools of waste, flying off on his butt-rainbow, and seated on a throne in Hell, all standard activities for the the 45th President of the United States. 

Courtesy of Prefab Messiahs

The video was animated by Xeth, a.k.a. Prefab’s singer Xerox Feinberg. It strips Trump down to his fundamental core: a narrow-sighted, big-mouthed, off-colored cartoon with a ridiculous haircut, who just so happens to have major sway in the direction of the free world. As Feinberg puts it, “It’s about how there’s ‘no bottom’ to how far things can go, if there ever really was. Reality’s dead. The arrival of America’s First Mad President is just the pus coming out of the boil.”

Maybe we’ll see the Donald tweet about the Prefab Messiahs soon? 

The song is available on Bandcamp, Spotify and more services on Wednesday, 3/1. Listen to more of the Prefab Messiahs on the band’s Soundcloud