PREMIERE: Rye Pines’ East Coast Surf Rock Album

When you never wear earplugs but always bring that plastic bag of High Lifes for the basement show with the donate bucket in place of a door person. When it doesn’t matter how far away you are from your teen years, you’re still angsty as hell. When you smoke joints for breakfast and slurp beers for dinner. Lots of bass drums and cymbals. Hair in face, half shouting rockers. Short shorts and tight black pants. All of the Allston classiness. This is the texture and temperament that can be felt from Boston based Rye Pines. Rye Pines are releasing a new album, Roll with the Urchins.

The recording process was fueled by “depression and lots of it!” says drummer Alex Page, adding, “beers and big joints seem to be our main inspiration and only source of nutrition these days.” The energetic sound of the surf/indie/garage rock album isn’t depressing in itself, though. Most of their songs could be the background of skate videos with the amount of energy they emit.  Imagery of the sea and those New England beaches is present and consistent with their last album, Dead Ocean, but Roll with the Urchins was born with a slightly different personality. This new album opens up with the song, “keeper,” which AP premiered in a video in July 2016. It quickly rolls into a faster paced, rockabilly sounding song called “spiderback boogie.” Their song “oyster” doles out rockabilly riffs but has characteristics of that unnamed New England surf rock genre. The album ends with “tsunami riff,” which begins with dripping, echoing sounds that hold you in anticipation until the simultaneous crash entry of vocals and instruments hits. Surf rock needs a new name specifically for the Atlantic side and Rye Pines should be the ones to give it that new name.

Rye Pines can be seen this coming Saturday, January 6, at THE FARM in Allston for their album release show. So grab a six pack and head over.

Check out Roll with the Urchins on SoundCloud: 


Also check out the AP released video for “keeper” below