PREMIERE: Sinnet release two-track single

By Sydney Moyer


Local indie-pop four-piece Sinnet just dropped a luminous soundscape of a double-sided single, the first batch of songs in what they say will turn into a full-length release sometime next year.

The first track, “Legionnaires,” recalls the snark and sophisticated pop sensibilities of early Panic! At the Disco, and winds through singer Aaron Spransy’s experience on adjusting from living in the Midwest to moving to Boston, where etiquette and manners will likely get you a scowl and not much else.

From there, the release moves seamlessly into jangly instrumental jam “Cavernosa”, recorded in New Hampshire during one of New England’s 1,000 blizzards of last winter — fitting for a song that has the ominous, ethereal melody one would expect to soundtrack being stuck in a snowstorm.

It will be interesting to see how the band recreates the intricacies of these new releases live — and you can find out at Great Scott on Friday, July 31, where they’ll be playing with Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and Surf Vietnam.