TRACK PREMIERE: TheLastGekko – “Stimulate”

Photo Courtesy of TheLastGekko

Local hip-hop fans will want to keep an eye on TheLastGekko in 2017. The up-and-coming rapper and producer worked the open mic circuit for a few years while developing his style. Along the way, he helped in the foundation of PEACE PIPE, an arts and music collective. Aided by his eclectic ear for inspiration, the rapper is a natural genre-blender and seeks to balance a number of influences in his own music. 
TheLastGekko is gearing up for a big year, starting with a new single called “Stimulate.” The track begins with a red herring, teasing a beat that is more informed by ghostly, ambient house rather than rap; quickly, though, after an eerie sample of laughter, the vibe morphs into a stumbling hip-hop beat marked by a bright, relaxing melody. TheLastGekko’s delivers his lyrics with a relaxed urgency, calmly driving the song forward and crafting dreamlike imagery with his words. His voice finds plenty of space among the beat’s wide landscapes. It’s a perfect track to get you in the mood for those upcoming summer nights. 
The single’s release also comes with a music video to match, which you can watch below.

Listen to “Stimulate” below via Soundcloud. If you dig it, but don’t want to wait to hear more from TheLastGekko, you can check out his 2015 EP, [PHLVLS] on Bandcamp.