PREMIERE: Vibing with Death Party’s Single “Perennials”

“Perennials” premieres today via AP as the first-ever release from Death Party, Boston’s newest punk rock quartet. This band produces almost exactly the kind of music you’d expect from a band with a name like “Death Party”– ethereal, yet noisy and singable emo tunes— but they don’t stop there. Bandmates Dylan Vadakin, Amy Hoffman, Mario Taddeo, and Chance Wells have formed a project that’s fueled by anything but what’s conventional. Against all odds, the band succeeds in blending a vibraphone, angsty lyrics, and a pop punk sound.

Dreamed up in 2016, Death Party draws inspiration from alt/emo bands of the late aughties, but replaces their lead guitar with Vadakin’s vibraphone. The combo of dreamy sounds from a vibraphone and Taddeo on drums manages to create a sort of whimsical mess. Queue Hoffman’s vocals, which harken back to singers like Hayley Williams or Slingshot Dakota’s Carly Comando, along with Wells on bass, and we’ve got a single with real depth, previewing an EP with real potential.

Listen to “Perennial” by Death Party via bandcamp below.


Death Party’s EP Skate Away is scheduled to drop November 3rd. Don’t miss their release show at O’Brien’s on November 14th with You Vandal. Get your $8 tickets here, and RSVP via Facebook.