PREMIERE: Weird Dane’s Ancient Alien

Weird Dane

Dark World, cialis a collective of young artists based in Western Mass, has been gaining notoriety for their off-kilter style of hip-hop. Their collection of lo-fi tracks and videos serve as an amalgam of the wickedness of early Three 6 Mafia, the spontaneous prolificity of Lil B and the ethos of DIY punk. That combination creates an overarching aesthetic across Dark World, where the end product is as infectious as it is disorienting.

Weird Dane has been part of Dark World since the beginning, working as not only a rapper but the mind behind the group’s eccentric music videos (which can be seen here and here). And we are thrilled to give you the exclusive digital premiere of his newest project Ancient Alien.

Ancient Alien is a family affair of Dark World talent, who further their ominous sound thru both production credits and features. Yet Weird Dane still makes the project his own, as he transitions from frantic double-time flows (“All Black”) to murky vocals (“All I See”)  to catchy melodies (“Foolish”). Over the course of the 14-track release, he proves that he is one of the most exciting voices coming out of Dark World.

Dane issued the physical release of Ancient Alien last month as a part of bundle currently available via LA-based artist platform SVNTYWNTY. In addition to the project on a USB disk card, the bundle also includes a booklet with art from Dane, a zine from SVNTYWNTY and stickers. And to keep up on other Dark World releases and merch, be sure to check out their site.

Stream Ancient Alien below: