PREMIERE: “Wire City” – Caskets Filled With Flowers


Relatively new to the Boston scene, Wire City is Caskets Filled With Flowers‘ debut LP on Little L Records. With a handful of EPs preceding Wire City, it’s easy to get a taste of their sound: haunting, wandering soprano leads the chunky bass and fuzzy guitar riffs. Wire City offers a swan dive into the emotional abyss that is dream pop.

13567258_1001485573283566_5436127222020469338_n“Honey Eyes” is brilliantly lush in wordplay, showing off vocalist Haley Moniz’s range as well as her control of her rather delicate voice. Gentle and lilting, but with thorn-sharp lyrics, “Honey Eyes” is a slower, almost lullaby-like ballad on Wire City.

But then there are tracks like “The River,” wholly electrifying and buoyant. The harmonies are celestial, the vocals strained and emotional, the instruments deliberate and aggressive. “The River” embodies every facet Caskets Filled With Flowers seeks to occupy–they can be gritty punks, and dreamy pop balladeers at the same time.

Wire City comes just in time to accompany Caskets Filled with Flowers on their summer tour, hitting several spots throughout the Atlantic Northeast.

Check out their record release show at Lions Den in Clinton, MA on the 25th. Until then, stream and enjoy their album, Wire City, below.