PREMIERE/PREVIEW: A Bat House Homage to Boston’s Music Scene

In the aftermath of Converse Rubber Tracks headlines, locals Bat House drop this: a beautifully shot, edited and mastered double-whammy, featuring two songs, “Yarn” and “Woods,” from their self-titled full-length back in April. The music video is filmed documentary-style; it objectively both captures the skills that band members (plus Shelby Marnett on “Yarn”) obviously put toward their psychedelic, atmospheric math rock, and a nostalgic kind of candidness. More than that, it’s evidence of the hard and dedicated work of team members who are rarely seen on camera, but so irreplaceable to the development process. And it serves as some of that tech crew’s last efforts for Rubber Tracks.

Of course, Bat House’s Ally Juleen, Emmet Hayes, Nicole Pompei, and Shane Blank are also very familiar with the Rubber Tracks studio. They recorded their first and only LP there, not to mention three of them worked there as studio assistants. The band has a history with the space, and for them, this 14-minute video documents the difference that studio experience can make for musicians and the creative process. “We can only grow and move forward if we’re able to take full advantage of these types of opportunities,” Bat House members said in an email.

Moreover, the quality highlights the behind-the-scenes team, including Evan Kenney, Matt Carlson, and Jeremy Given along with guest engineers, whose work, the band says, has been invaluable.

As some of the last assets that Bat House created for its self-titled album, the band shares this video now via Allston Pudding as a preview of their June 30th show at Brighton Music Hall— and then, as an homage to Boston independent music and all of those that continue to support the scene.

“At the end of the day, we have an incredible city with a lot of incredible creators,” the band said in an email. “These efforts can only be sustainable when the community hears about just how important their continued support is.”

Watch the video below, and find tickets to their show (alongside Evolfo (NY), Zip-Tie Handcuffs, and Skinny Pigeons) here.