PREVIEW: !!!’s Defiance Through Dance

With everything that has changed in the world over the past year, it has become so important for people to take an active interest in their own self-care.

The stresses of everyday life, topped with the unthinkable and absurd political/social developments, are leading people to seek out forms of pleasure and release. If dancing is your preferred way to let off steam, dance punk veterans !!! (pronounced chk-chk-chk) are here for you.

Shake the Shudder, Nic Offer and his !!! crew’s latest album of funky breaks and infectious hooks, maintains their simple approach to songwriting. “We jam and jam and jam and jam and jam, record all of it to the computer, and then go through and cut the best bits into loops,” the singer explains to us over email. “[Then] we start chopping those up and write the songs over those…relearn them as a band, road test them, take them straight into the studio and knock them out.”

With songs such as “Dancing Is The Best Revenge,” it’s difficult to separate Shudder from this era of unrest. “I think we work well in this climate in that we’ve always done what we do through tough times and we will [probably] continue to dance our way through this,” Offer says. “I think in any oppressive society, music can be a true form of release and, in some instances, even rebellion. But it is most important that people are able to get away from that bullshit, and celebrate the life that they do have. I know our show is good for that.”

!!! play Brighton Music Hall tonight with Bearstronaut at 7 PM. Shake the Shudder is available now via Warp Records.