PREVIEW: Spelling At O’Brien’s

Don’t worry; when you hit up O’Brien’s for this show on Friday night, there won’t be an exam. Spelling is a slightly psychedelic, experimental band from Boston, not a prerequisite for getting to the gig.

This should be Great News, which is also the first band on the bill. Great News are also locals, and are going to open the evening in a fit of fuzz. Delivered at top volume, catch tunes off this band’s latest EP including “I Am God”, “Hot Larvae”, and “I Quit”. This band sounds as disgruntled as these songs suggest, but if you’re looking shred with some punk jams, this is just the kind of news you want to hear. 

If these guys put you at a loss for words, that’s good, because Ghosts of Sailors at Sea are an instrumental act. The wordless compositions of Andrew Wagner, Daniel Benoit, Mark Flight, and Patrick Murphy will be the perfect cleanser between sets. The band’s heavy rock isn’t out of step with the rest of the evening, but it’s just mesmerizing enough to relax. Chill and drift away in one of this band’s extended instrumental oceans. 

While all of these bands are sure to blow your mind, hopefully it won’t give you an Aneurysm. This wild noise rock band from Boston’s own backyard are as brain-melting as they brag to be. With several EPs to their name, it’s worth checking out just see which songs this band will play. If this show had any mellow moments, these guys will make you forget. 

Don’t flunk Friday night, catch Spelling, Great News, Ghosts of Sailors at Sea, and Aneurysm at O’Brien’s in Allston at 8pm. The show is 21+ and tickets are $8.