PREVIEW: Steep Leans vs Drug Dogs [Great Scott 4/28]

Let’s play 20 questions with Drug Dogs

SL: Team edward or team jacob?

DD: well since you didn’t say any last names i’m going to assume the obvious and guess you’re talking about Edward Snowden and Jacob Zuma and i’m gonna have to go with my boy Snowden, as he is an American hero. i don’t think Jacob Zuma is doing so hot right now.

SL: Which spice girl r u?

DD: i like to aim for Mel B but sometimes I think i’m more Geri Halliwell than Mel B

SL: Frosted tips or nah?

DD: yeah i mean i usually give my best advice in the coldest of conditions/weather. doesn’t everybody?

SL: Which tom hanks role would you like to live?

DD: the one where he stops being the captain and then becomes the captain again. i’ve never seen that film. just that one part…oh wait the question is “role i would like to LIVE?” oh not that one. uh probably you got mail or something predictable.

SL: How many breadsticks are too many?

DD: buddy my life feels like breadsticks!

SL: IF you were cast on star trek, what color shirt would u wear?

DD: yeah, IF i was casted on star trek as my space sci-fi allegiance is a solid STAR WARS vibe. (disney/lucasfilm if you’re reading this pls send me free stuff)

SL: Put some cholula on it?

DD: [finishes drink, narrows eyes]

SL: Favorite gymnastic move?

DD: ‘Peaceful Warrior’ with Scott Mechlowicz. oh you said MOVE?? uh fuck uh, the high beam.

SL: Favorite figure skating move?

DD: ‘Cutting Edge’ with Moira Kelly and D.B. Sweeney!!! oh wait you said MOVE again? jeez i dunno actually…anytime i go ice skate, i get horrible blisters on the sides of my feet. I really hate ice skating.

SL: Winter games or summer games?

DD: either because i really only watch it to find my friend’s dad’s name in the credits at the end

SL: What’s your go-to move when launching off a diving board?

DD: assuming this is one of those euphemisms for my favorite candy bar (thanks for asking) it’s three musketeers

SL: Who is my real dad?

DD: oh jeez dude…i’m sure he is out there somewhere man, don’t worry. or he’s not. in which case i’m not sure if you should worry. but i’d worry just to be safe.

SL: What’s your favorite rock gimmick?

DD: power stance is always fun. when i was a wee lad and lived in Cheshire, CT i once saw this band ‘call an ambulance’ at my local youth center and they were your typical ‘scremo high school guys’ sorta band. one of them tried to do the whole ‘throw-the-guitar-behind-you-then-catch-it’ trick/gimmick but the guitar hit their singer in the head and he bled everywhere and we actually had to ‘call an ambulance’ for said singer of ‘call an ambulance’. haha, life man!

SL: You just got paid, how many tech decks do u buy?

DD: several decks of technology

SL: What font goes on your tombstone?

DD: mine would be a smart tombstone so all sorts of fonts…and snapchat!

SL: I just bought my first jansport backpack. What are your thoughts on that?

DD: i think where we’re going you’re gonna need a lot more backpacks…

SL: Describe a difficult experience with a customer.

DD: [covers face with flannel; begins screaming into it]

SL: What if 6 were 9?

DD: good things always seem to come in 3’s so i wouldn’t be worried

SL: If you had to run from the law, how would you cut your hair?

DD: i’m bald so……….i’m kinda screwed.

SL: What’s your favorite club to play in boston?

DD: how does that quote go…i wouldn’t be in any club that would have me as a member? or would be? probably a lil’ club called “geardonia” tbh


I think we’ve learned some important life lessons through this series of questions, now get to the gig.


Steep Leans with Rick Rude, Dead Trains, Idle Pilot, and Drug Dogs

Friday April 28, 2017
Great Scott
1222 Commonwealth Ave. Allston, MA 02134

Doors @ 10pm | 21+ | $10