PREVIEW: Three Tracks to Get You to the Gig

Is the phrase “Hometown Heroes” a bit…football-y in this context? Regardless, there’s no other way to jointly describe the bands playing the Middle East this Saturday: Mini Dresses, Vundabar AND Horse Jumper of Love (presented by us and our dear friends at Coach & Sons). The reality that all three will be in the same space is nothing short of a local soft punk’s dream. For that, we strongly advise your to get to the (wait for it…) GIG. 

However, we at AP are well aware of how often you’re asked to do this. Getting to any gig requires putting on pants, snagging a ticket and even engaging in slight social interaction. That said, these are three absolute gems that we know you’re proud to call local, despite how busy they may be (Vundabar and Horse Jumper are on tour this spring). Simply put, this bill is stacked, but for further convincing here’s a track from each band to remind you:

“Sad Eyes” – Mini Dresses

The title track of this Somerville duo’s fall 2016 EP is truly top-notch shoe gaze wonder. Not only are harmonies warm and guitar lines bright, but the recording–which was done in a kitchen–is almost perfectly airy. The track takes plenty of soft turns that are perfect for daydreaming about anything: the beach, the mountains, The Middle East this Saturday night.

“Ugly Brunette” – Horse Jumper of Lover

This song has the power to shrivel us up into emotionally tired raisins. That’s right: Raisins, and that’s a beautiful thing. It’s  simple guiding guitar line almost listens like chimes, fading in and out, reminding us how lonely we pretend not to be. That said, it’s okay to cry public, and it’s important to here this song live. Prepare yourself by hecking out this new Audiotree performance of “Ugly Brunette.” 

“Shuffle” – Vundabar

Vundabar’s Gawk is still ringing in our ears from summers’ past, and the album’s closer is also our closing argument. The swinging, accelerating outro is a testament to the band’s songwriting but is also a reminder of how truly “into it” Vundabar gets in the live setting. We suggest listening via their music video, which released last month and was directed by frontman Brandon Hagen. It conveys a goofy sort of sadness that we relate to, and therefore love, in our very own Vundabar.

Vundabar, Mini Dresses and Horse Jumper of Love play the Middle East 4/8. Doors are at 8 p.m. All ages admitted.