REVIEW: At The Drive In @ House of Blues (3/25)

At The Drive In is lighting a fire, paving a path, but for what? Their next album? For something more? Is this band being carried by the Zeitgeist on a mission to stir hearts and souls? The last time this band was relevant, George W. Bush held office. Now that Donald Trump begins to navigate his first year of Presidency ATDI magically fall into the perfect crack of space & time delivering their best live performances ever. The now seasoned and reunited band is showing signs of delivering new music that will fuel a soundtrack of pushback against the de-evolution of our systematic governing bodies as well as speak out against societal decay. Maybe it’s nothing, but there was fire in the air at House of Blues Boston as the rock act took the stage with haste and an infectious spirit after a 17 year long wait. The crowd, mostly filled with young professionals teetering between late gen xers and early millennials definitely broke the mold of zombie head bobbing, choosing to let loose with wild abandonment as though the past mundane work week never happened. 
Opening act Le Butcherettes were nothing to dismiss, even if you wanted to.  The female led punk band demanded attention swarming the stage with fuzzed out guitars, thick poppy drums, electronic melodies and dramatic loud Spanish/English shouting/singing. The music conjures thoughts of demons, sexuality, politics and wrong doing.

At The Drive In

New Album

“in•ter a•li•a” 

Release Date – 5/5/17

Rise Records

Set List
1. Arcarsenal 
2. Pattern Against User
3. Sleepwalk Capsules 
4. Metronome Arthritis
5. Incurably Innocent
6. Invalid Litter Dept.
7. Enfilade
8. Cosmonaut
9. Quarantined
10. Napoleon Solo
11. Catacombs
12. Governed by Contagions
13. One Armed Scissor