REVIEW: Horse Jumper of Love, Wildhoney, Mini Dresses, & Strange Passage at Great Scott (1/13)

Disposable America and Anxiety Pop put on a show at Great Scott with an end to end stacked bill on Saturday night. Strange Passage, Mini Dresses, Wildhoney and Horse Jumper of Love brought together a mix of ambient pop songs, dreamy reverb and infectious instrumentation that made for a great night.

Somerville’s Strange Passage kicked things off with a catchy set that featured some of the most memorable choruses of all of the acts. Their strong start helped set the tone for what the rest of the evening had in store. The trio that made up Mini Dresses steered the mood towards a more dreamy direction with killer synergy between vocals and guitar riffs. Despite being a trio, their presence on was on par with the night’s larger groups and a lot of fun to watch.

Saturday’s biggest group was Wildhoney, who knew how to put on a show. Accompanying their music were colorful projections that matched their mood perfectly. Their ambient instrumentation, combined with a strong vocal performance made for an immersive pop set and segued perfectly into the night’s closers, Horse Jumper of Love.

I’d been long overdue for a Horse Jumper set and the end of Saturday night delivered on my expectations. They brought their usual brand of slow and steady, but at times explosive songs to the stage and finished things off with some new material. Their sound always finds a way to completely engulf the space in a mesmerizing pool of reverb and emotion and closed the night out perfectly.