REVIEW: Tigers Jaw w/ Saintseneca and Smidley at Royale (6/24)

I cannot get enough of Conor Murphy getting weird outside of the confines of his beloved emo revival band, Foxing. There is something so cathartic about screaming the lyrics to “No One Likes You.” His solo project, Smidley, were the opening act on a month and half long tour with headliners: Tigers Jaw and direct support, Saintseneca. Their full length self titled just recently dropped and I haven’t played an album on repeat so many times since I was in middle school.

Saintseneca are a musicians treat, providing sounds and tones from a wide variety of live instrumentation on stage. The flexibility and talent within this single band is marvelous. Their sound transcends multiple genres taking bits and pieces from folk, world, rock and infusing it with fuzzy bass lines and tasty vocal harmonies.

Tigers Jaw recent major label debut Spin is what summer soundtracks are made of. The production is flawless, and the current lineup executes the new songs perfectly on stage. Tigers Jaw fans are some of the best around, singing loudly with full smiles across their faces. After years of pumping out songs with all the feels, Tigers Jaw is fresh as ever. The band stands strong as a headlining act.

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