REVIEW: Tei Shi w/ Salt Cathedral at Great Scott (5/11)

As I walked into the venue, I looked towards the stage and noticed the usual stage lights were blacked out, with minimal colored lights shining up from the floor instead. A large single ellipse reflected flashing light to an electronic beat. These elements created an otherworldly atmosphere while Salt Cathedral ushered themselves onto the dimly lit stage. The duo’s set pulsated with thick beats, layered melodies washed out in reverb and delay for days. Their performance felt like a DJ set more than watching a band, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The show was definitely lively and had appeal. Salt Cathedral ended their set strong with a jungle groove crescendo sending a small handful of attendees into manic dancing.

Wearing a simple black top and a pair of jeans with the mood lighting gone, Tei Shi took to the stage with no sign of glitz or glam. She was backed by a three-piece band and I was impressed to see her drummer with an acoustic drum set as opposed to the electric kit found on some previous live performances. The music had a more organic vibe and Tei Shi’s voice was able to shine over it all. She was on fire, with no fault in her vocals at all. Tei Shi’s pitch was dead on and her movements were entrancing. From delicate and sweet crooning to full-out diva belting, Tei Shi delivered a complete pop star package to the dark corner bar at the corner of Commonwealth and Harvard Avenue. I can easily see Tei Shi performing down the road on a massive stage with a top notch production, but I hope she continues to deliver the anti-pop package that I witnessed here in Allston.

Set List:

How Far
See Me
Keep Running
Year 3K
Como Si
Nevermind the End
Say You Do

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